Organic vs Local

Class this evening was very insightful! We discussed everything from Walmarts sustainable approach(marketing), to office policies that could create a more sustainable work environment! One discussion was related to how, what and where we get our food when we shop at the grocery stores. For example, if you are buying mushrooms…you can buy the fully sliced shrooms, ready to cook, no extra labor, less work, but more wrap and carton they are packed in. Or you can purchase the mushrooms that come whole, less packaging, but more work for the consumer when it comes time to cook them. I never thought of the packaging of different veggies when relating to sustainability! I do now! However, I do look for local produce and products when I do shop. Local, means fresher and also less travel to get to me! If I can do my step at a time…as little as it may seem, I will to increase a sustainable environment!


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