water risk

Water risks and opportunities

The Global Environmental Outlook – 4 (GEO-4) report released by the United Nations in October 2007 provides an update on the environmental state-of-play. This edition we focus on the report’s water scorecard and the implications for organisations of all sizes and locations.


“The report highlights the role of climate change, human use of water systems and the over-exploitation of fish stocks on the state of our water environment.
The news is sobering.
The water cycle is being affected by long-term changes in climate including the melting of sea and land ice, changes in ocean salinity, sea levels, rainfall patterns and extreme weather events.
Coastal ecosystems are being impacted by urbanisation and tourism development. Water quality degradation continues to harm ecosystem health and is the single greatest cause of human illness and death. Degradation of aquatic ecosystems, habitat changes and over fishing are all placing pressure on biodiversity and food supplies.
Present trends will see 1.8 billion people living in areas with absolute water scarcity by 2025 and two-thirds of the world’s population could be subject to water stress. Considering that 70% of current water usage is directed to agriculture these trends are alarming.
The report calls for concerted global action to address the root causes of these issues combined with local efforts to reduce vulnerability”

I like this article about water sustainablity, because I understand and can relate to the issue. It makes perfect sense….if we waste water, destroy our natural resources and overall, not take care of what we have now….we may not have much in the future!! I teach elementary so I work with our future Everyday! I want there to be a safe, healthy place for them to live when they are my age! Water quality is an issue that is on the rise. Polluting our water is increasing human illnesss. If humanity does not recognize the uses and waste our our water supply, then ther may not be a water supply


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