Sustainable Building

Built Environment
Creating a Sustainable Built Environment
Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals create the fixed, physical wealth of nations — the “Built Environment” — including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, along with the infrastructure for transportation, water supply, waste treatment, power, health care and communications. The built environment provides the basis for most of the world’s economic and leisure activities. It affects the lives of all humans and impacts upon the economic performance of corporations and nations.

Cradle-to-Cradle Design
Our built environment will be sustainable only when its social and environmental context is given rigorous attention at all stages of a project’s life from planning, design and construction to operation, demolition and reuse. We can no longer allow short-term economic savings to override the potential social unrest of introducing new infrastructure with higher long-term fees. We can no longer believe that considering the environment means being mindful of the natural habitat being displaced by a project and yet ignore resource use, emissions and landfill volume resulting from every project decision. We must improve our fragmented understanding of the interactions between the built environment and its natural, social, and economic contexts.
This link is marketing for the school, however reading about the program definatly cayght my eye when I read about the Cradle to Cradle Design. After reading Edward’s THriving Beyond Sustainability, I understand the design more than I would have before reading the book. The design allows for no waste. Every material is reused and recycled. Natural habitat has a focus and every element in nature is considered and has a purpose. Building construction and operation have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment and I feel all companies should, at least, attemp a sustainable building.


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