Sustainable Living with Ferrier Custom Homes


I was very anxious for the Ferrier home visits! I was unaware that a sustainable builder was available and local! Heather Ferrier and Travis Laminack welcomed our class to view their beautiful home! I loved their home. Not only was the home updated and beautiful, the savings were incredible. Heather stated that her energy bill average about $75.00 a month, while her neighbors bill was about $700…NICE!! Her home was build in 1938, so when remodeling occurred, they wanted to preserve the natural character, which they did! The home had the original hardware and wood and the products they did not use, they donated.  I learned about spray foam insulation, which they used for about 85% of their walls. The class four roof, which is resistant to wind and hail provided Heather and Travis a 40% discount on their homeowners insurance…I’ll take that discount too!!! When re-doing the windows, 98% of the wood is the original wood and 28 of their window were modified to double panel.  The mini split units are extremely efficient! This was the first time I have seen the units. I think to myself, ” why wouldnt every home want or have them?!”Image              Image

After Heather and Travis’s home, we journeyed over to Thomas and Charlotte De La Pens’s amazing home! There home is a 1730sq ft home and was built from the ground up. Beautiful!!!!! They also have spray foam insulation, dual flush toilets. They also have a flat roof, which will not attract our 110 Texas heat!! The electricity in their home runs them around $75 a month, which is a savings for them of about $110 (comapred to the neighbors). They have a smart meter energy reader, which was the first time I have seen one. This is very neat! Thomas showed the difference the meter can read by shutting off the Christmas tree lights. Right when this happened, the meter percents decreased. Pretty cool! They compiled a large mulch pile which they have used for landscaping and the glass back-splash in the kitchen is recycled glass. The fireplace, is a direct vent fireplace…which I Will have in my next home!! 🙂 Their garage was built detached from the home, which is a great idea to improve their air quality.


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