Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Botanical Research Institute of Texas                    

Once again I was looking forward to my next class tour! This time, I had the opportunity to visit the BRIT in Fort Worth. The speakers were very informative and I really enjoyed the visit.  Richard was great and his energy was contagious…well to me it was 🙂 He began the tour by showing the library, which contains 135,000 volumes of different materials. We viewed the two collection areas, rare and standard. He talked about the children’s library….where one can volunteer and join the community engagement!! I was pleased to find out that 97% of the building that was in place before the BRIT was used when developing the facility. I think that if more companies were educated on recycling materials and the benefits and costs involved, they maybe more inclined to demonstrate the same sustainable practice…..maybe I just found my future career! Other green elements Richard spoke about were the natural lighting. He said the lights are rarely turned on but they are rarely needed. I think using natural light has many benefits. Not only does it provide a beautiful environment, but also increases productivity and a joyful environment….oh and uses less energy!!!! He spoke about the rainforest programs worldwide. This was very interesting. I was able to view plants from 1791 from Mexico to a crazy looking plant from Madagascar. The program allow the monitoring of biodiversity around the world and monitor species irrigation. I think the study of the plants, their growing patterns and irrigation can help with the study of climate change. How are the plants around the world affected by climate change….food for thought!

The wool carpet, great renewable resource…. 

Locally sourced linen walls, bamboo ceiling, living roof with native plants and sinking cypress walls by reclaiming the lumber that was lost in the river …




The facility covers about 5acres.  I was impressed and excited to learn about the LEED PLATINUM recognition!!  

Whoop Whoop!



It takes a lot of hard work to gain LEED status and extra work to be Platinum. The BRIT is the first platinum in Tarrant County!! And second in DFW!!! They use 5,000 gallon cisterns on the roof and parking lot to capture water and created rain gardens to capture rain runoff to irrigate all the buildings landscape. Save water!!!! Can I scream that out loud to all companies!

The BRIT is a wonderful example for sustainable design. If I could recommend a model to a company, this would definitely be it! I believe that if more companies were educated on the benefits of sustainable developement, then there would be more environmental friendly developments!



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