Air North Texas is powered by the North Central Texas Council of Governments

I really enjoyed the speakers from Air North Texas. Very informative. Air North Texas was formed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with support of an Air Quality Public Relations Task Force, with Transportaion being the largest department. Established in 1966, the program includes 16 county region and 249 members.

Whitney explained the  goals including improving air quality in North Texas, introduce air quality programs and brand them, reduce congestion and help improve ozone polution. I like the secion “what can I do” For me, personally, this will help and educate me on how to help and be a part of the solution! I was familiar with the air quality index, but I have not payed much atteniton to it.

The ozone monitor data below is updated hourly

As of 11:15 AM, regional air quality conditions are good.Ozone Monitor Levels for Friday, January 13, 2012 11:15:00AM

This is very important for all ages to understand for their health and safety. One can help reduce emissions by following the speed limit…no lead feet, people!! Use mass transit! Simple steps as to taking your lunch to work! This not only reduces trips in the car, but saves gas ($$) and Im sure it is cheaper and Healthier than eating out everyday ($$) 🙂 And also, vehicle maintenace, which increases fuel efficiency…and Im sure save you $$$ in the long run!

I think vanpool and rideshare are great programs!                        ….will walk you through the steps!!

“Try Parking It is a two-part solution for reducing the number of vehicles on the road and for tracking the savings that result from those vehicle reductions. By using Try Parking It, you can locate carpool or vanpool matches within the North Central Texas region. You can also track your contributions to clean air and congestion reduction and receive an estimate of miles saved, trips reduced and harmful emissions reduced, each time you submit your alternative commute.”

With a career in education, it is important to understand air quality conditions. I do not want to expose my students to environmental conditions that can be dangerous to their health, as well as mine. The public must be educated on air quality, so they see the importance and impact they make every day!


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