Recycle Revolution- Greening Up North Texas, One Business at a Time

Recycle Revolution

First I would like to start by saying, Eddie who is the founder of Recycle Revolution, has an IMPRESSIVE vision!! He is very motivated and I completely see his vision taken off and successful! Eco-op is a program RR (recycle revolution) is in the process of creating. He has launched the community model in Lake Highlands. He hopes to include schools—>RR—>TX worm ranch—>non-profit—>eco-op. He envisions fresh local food, beautified neighborhoods and positive impact in waste management. He also mentioned synergy. Synergy is a great idea. Synergy – from an environmental perspective – means to take one person’s waste and give it to someone else who needs that material as a main ingredient in their product. So synergy explains the model Eddie would like to incoporate in Lake Hightlands. Utilizing TX worm ranch is their newest idea. They have the potential of having a new neighbor, who is a gardener. Gardeners need compost and food waste for rich soil…then a synergy has now been created.

The companies that are involved with RR are provided reports on their business and education. All materials are weighed and graded. There are 8 different grades sorted for the paper received by RR. I was not aware the of the materials that could be collected and the prices for the materials. RR is the bridge from the “cut throat industry” to recycling. Glass for instance, is shipped to Midlothian after processed with RR.  Materials RR collects traditional materials such as plastics, aluminum and tin, cardboard and glass…which RR is the only DWB (drinking with benefits) certified recycler for glass in North Texas. Packing materials , e-waste and other materials…cell phones, batteries. They talked about benefits from recycled glass.

These were beautiful tiles from Enviroglas, that can be used for floor tile, stairs, wall art! I personally want a mosaic table with them!! 🙂

I think Recycle Revolution has a strong mission. I would like to see more business participate with recycling. I think the education aspect is a necessity. Like what Eddie said, “you are paying for trash, so lets recycle” When businesses, schools, residents are educated, I see the business having even more success than what it already has produced!


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