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Steve Chaney was our guest speaker Thursday evening. Mr. Chaney works for AgriLIFE Extension, a Texas A&M system. He is a county extension agent horticulture. I was in a group that completed a water conservation project last class, so  I was familiar with some of the information Steve shared, but I still learned many new pieces of information!

He spoke about landscaping, water conservation, best practices. He introduces the 7 basic principles with landscaping….plan and design, soil analysis and preparation (25% of budget towards soil, average homeowner is 0%), clear vegetation and compost. Also, plant selection, practical turf area (1/3 turf, 1/3 plant beds, 1/3 permeable landscape), efficient irrigation (how often, how long, when), mulch and landscape best management practices. He emphasised PLAN!!! If homeowners plan, they will have better results and create a larger impact. Extended drought may continue, because not enough water is going back into the system and the population will only increase. Mr Chaney spoke about water conservation and methods to use. Rain barrels,simple, efficient and…I can decorate my own 🙂                             Koolscapes 50 Gallon Decorative Rain Barrel with 5 planter pots

I honestly fear not having water. Yes, we will run out someday! WE NEED to take measures to prevent this from happening. I work with young children everyday and thinking that their generations may struggle to have clean water to drink, is a scary thought.  I understand to Plan now! I have already shared the information with family and friends! I feel soo smart 🙂 If I can help by spreading what I have learned, I am helping in a small way!!

Take a listen…      http://mastergardener.tamu.edu/

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