Toyota’s environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship activities  

Speaking with Chance Ducote of Toyota, opened my eyes to Toyota’s initiatives on the Environment! I honestly was surprised at all the programs and steps they are moving forward! DThe Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan

“Toyota aims at globally “establishing a low-carbon society,” “establishing a recycling-based society,” and “environmental protection and establishing a society in harmony with nature” to contribute to sustainable growth of society and the planet based on the Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan. To realize those aims, we reduce the environmental impact at all stages of vehicle life cycle from development and design, procurement, production and logistics, sales to waste and recycling, and promote environmental management.”

He explained that all employees are trained on the sustainable principles that Toyota creates. I thought…..awesome, educate others, but this may help with customer retention, if the customers are aware of the environmental impact Toyota is creating, more than likely be returning customers! I learned Toyotas basic stance on the environment….

Principles and Policies

An explanation of Toyota’s principles and policies with regard to environmental issues. Toyota has created the Toyota Earth Charter and is undertaking initiatives through “Contribution towards Sustainable Development.” Toyota also aims to be a leader in the effort to create a recycling-based society using cutting-edge technologies developed in response to environmental issues

Organization Framework

The Toyota Environment Committee has been established for the purpose of examining and crafting responses to the issues facing product development and design, production and logistics and environmental management. This committee is comprised of top management, chaired by the president, who promote global environmental management not only for Toyota Motor Corporation, but for all Toyota consolidated subsidiaries worldwide.

Action Plan

The Toyota Environmental Action Plan was established with the intent of helping lead efforts towards global regeneration through environmentally-considerate technology. It establishes initiatives, specific implementation items and targets for the areas of development and design, procurement, production and logistics, sales and marketing and recycling, as well as promotes and strengthens environmental management

Toyota Green Purchasing Guidelines

Solving the environmental issues facing the world requires the combined efforts of people everywhere. That is why Toyota has created guidelines for the business partners from which it purchases automobile parts and materials, both within Japan and overseas, requiring that they also make an active effort to implement environmentally-considerate practices

Biodiversity Guidelines

Degradation of the natural environment is resulting in the loss of biodiversity. Thus, as part of its “Contribution towards Sustainable Development,” Toyota has created guidelines aimed at helping to maintain biodiversity. Toyota’s aim is to achieve growth that maintains a balance between corporate activities and environmental preservation.

They are taking great links to create sustainable awareness! I love it! Of coarse there is the Toyota Prius, 51 MPG!!!! 

There is a wait list for this baby!


I now see that a successful, worldwide company can contribute to a sustainable environment, Now…everybody else lets go!

Toyota established the Recycling Committee in October 1990 and its reorganization as the Resource Recycling Committee in 2008.                       RecyclingInitiatives                                                                                                                                        ” It is important to carry out recycling activities that take into consideration the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. Toyota is rolling out activities to reduce waste to a minimum and recycle and reuse materials wherever possible at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle — development, production, use and disposal. The results of these activities are provided as feedback to vehicle development divisions to enable more efficient utilization of limited resources and to make cars that are easy to recycle.”

Recycling Activities that Take into Consideration the Entire Lifecycle of a VehicleRecycling Activities to Ensure Proper Utilization of Valuable Resources

I was surprised to see the…





Toyota demonstrate environmental responsibility in a large scale…from accross the country, to the local stores restroom!

Relationship between CSR Policy and the Guiding Principles at Toyota, and Various Regulations



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