Texas Instruments “Green Crusader”

           Paul Westbrook, “Green Crusader”
Sustainable Development Manager, Texas Instruments



”TI helps customers solve problems and develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun.”  Paul Westbrook

I was introduced to new information that was very interesting, during todays visit to TI! Paul Westbrook is the Sustainable Develpment Manager for Texas Instruments and an extremley intelligent man!!! I had no idea the company produces 20 Billion chips a year to customer…yes BILLION!! and 80,000 customers worldwide. The building is 1.1 million square feet and 284,000 square feet  are used for the fab space. The facility sits on 92 acres and can house 1000 employees.  Mr Westbrook expresses a pasion for sustainability,ashe convinced VP’s of the company to began the green movement.

The building uses exterior shades, outside daylight to light the building, reflective roof, water turbine powered facets, efficient cooling system…which all contribute to their LEED Gold certification. LEED certification process cost the company $15M and 30% less in cost to build. They estimate al little over one year for recovery cost! The company recycles 95% of the waste in the building and offers a vanpool for $20 month and encourages mass transit.

“We just received LEED Gold certification for a large semiconductor assembly and test manufacturing facility in the Philippines. TI had the first LEED Gold wafer fabrication facility in the world in Richardson, Texas and now we’ve added the first LEED Gold assembly facility. This is only the 3rd LEED building in the entire country of the Philippines and one of the others is a TI LEED Silver facility” Westbrook

Mr Wesbrook states the importance of efficient resources, saves money, and increases profit and waste= loss of money. The company measures factors by chips produces, like, energy per chip.

Visiting TI was a great experience. I had no idea the technology that was involed to produce chips. I thought to myself…how does a individual create a robot machine like the ones I saw at TI?! Brilliant! I think more companies should offer incentives for mass transit or ride share, as TI does. I think these are great programs and educated the employees on helping produce a healthier environment.


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