Speed Fab-Crete Garners Design-Build Award for Everman ISD Field House Project

Choosing this company, hits close to home! I am an employee with Everman ISD, so learning that our athletic facility was built with sustainability in mind…makes me one happy employee! I spoke  with Mitch Hanzick with Speed Fab- crete, he explained the design of the building was unusual and the goal was to maximize the use of the space. Once known that the building was designed with a purpose, I started thinking about the building during my visits. The lightening throughout the building is all natural! The offices to the workout floor utilize natural lighting with large windows. The lights, when in use are motion censored.  The facets in restrooms and the locker rooms are motion sensored too. The building is designed with integrated ventilation system, which eliminates odor and moisture and computer control-panel facilitates a personalized touch screen combination, custom screen saver, computerized communication from coaches and staff, upgradeable hardware/software.

“The exterior of the field house was built with Speed Fab-Crete’s precast concrete walls. Their finish combines limestone rock aggregate with a partial veneer of two different-colored bricks. The esthetics ensured campus continuity with existing school buildings.”


“Smartest design since the Pyramids”
— Dr. Jeri Pfeifer, Superintendent Everman ISD

The company also developed Evermans 9th grade center. The building  includes 36 classrooms in a three wing configuration, joined by a commons area of wash basins, water fountains and restrooms. The wash areas are all low flow and motioned censored. The lights to enter every room are motioned sensored also. The science labs have recycled wood tables and recycled rubber floors.




I was pleased to find out my place of employment supports environmental design. Like I always say, Education is Key! I hope someday to see sustainability in the curriculum. I do what I can/allowed in my classroom, but I feel if students are introduced to sustainability at a young age, as they grow, they will grow with sustainability!


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