Video Statement-Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Webinar for Nonprofits

“Social media is the future of communication. The Internet provides tools for users to share information and communicate in many ways!”

Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Webinar for Nonprofits.

Benefits of social media!!

Pros of social media will outweigh the cons!

A social networking site can be a good way to make connections with people with similar interests and goals. They can be a way to connect with or “meet” people that a student may not have had the opportunity to before—including other students, staff, faculty and even alumni.

Thanks to social networking sites, meeting someone in person has become a thing of the past. “Poking” has become the new handshake. Making friends and renewing old ones is easy. Thus, meeting people and staying connected with classmates and friends is a major benefit of social networking sites.

There is a solution! With Social Media Marketing, you can effectively engage with prospects & customers by:

answering their questions

showing your appreciation for their support

responding to their concerns, comments & customer service needs

asking for their input & opinions

encouraging them to comment on your blog, Facebook page, etc…

responding to reviews left on Yelp & other peer recommendation sites

posting a poll & commenting on the results

promoting & running contests or give-a-ways

Social media is today’s marketing!

Is social media a fad?? I don’t think so!

The Campaign:

Gap teamed up with popular group-buying site Groupon to offer a nation-wide deal: $50 worth of apparel for just $25. By the end of the day, 441,000 groupons were sold bringing in a little more than $11 million.

What Worked:

The sale marked Groupon’s first nation-wide deal with a major brand. For Gap, the deal brought in a ton of cash and, hopefully, new customers. “We’re really trying to reach new customers,” said Chris Gayton, Gap’s Senior Director of Media. “To reach them in ways that are part of their everyday so that it becomes like a conversation.”

Gap’s other social media efforts, including deals for Foursquare users, are about building a community. Gayton said that 70% of people that buy something in a Gap store started browsing on their website. Social media is a way to reach those people and bring them under their brand. Part of that is encapsulated in their 1969 denim stream. Billed as a catch-all resource on denim (not just Gap-sponsored ads, though they are there as well), Gap built it to offer added value and create conversation. Online loyalty will hopefully turn into profit.

Providing social media campaign in addition to a companies marketing plan can add value to the brand. Groupon or other social media outlets provide opportunity to users who have day to day business online


5 responses to “Video Statement-Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Webinar for Nonprofits

  1. Social Media has definitely changed the way we shop, choosing the products that we purchase, how much we spend, and even when we buy. As social media because a staple in our society, companies are relying on the advantage of reaching a mass population without too much of an expensive effort and a great deal of time as well. With that advantage, comes a higher competition between name brands, which only benefits us as the customers. I absolutely agree with your statement, social media has indeed revolutionized the way we do business and the way we spend our money. Even without customers realizing it, companies are constantly researching our purchasing habits, tracking our spending, and observing trends through the use of social media and online shopping. For the past few years, companies have reported their online sales have skyrocketed, while in store purchases have slowed down a bit. And with online shopping on the rise, packaging companies such as FedEX and UPS have seen a shift in their yearly revenues as well. Social media has changed the way we interact with others, communicate, and shop. The attached videos did a wonderful job of explaining the social media in purchasing trends today. I think as social media begins to evolve, the online trends will only continue to mold and shape our world in the future.

    Forbes magazine talks about the trends in online shopping in their article below.

  2. Hi Katie, Thanks for sharing this post. I was a little unsure as to whether the topic used was the correct topic for the examples you provided. I do agree that there needs to be a “How to…” for the nonprofit organizations and possibly a person solely responsible for PR and social media for that is how they will begin to sustain their programs. Maybe a possible suggestion for the title would be “Social Media, where age doesn’t matter”.

    • Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. That would work too, but I guess my idea was a little broad. With the increase of social media, I believe it is the futire of communication…in all aspects. Shopping, networking, nonprofit etc..

  3. Katie – I agree. I use social media constantly for shopping! Especially with all of the promo sites out there such as Living Social and Groupon. Companies have an entirely new way to reach customers. Like you said, many companies use social media to connect with their customers. I am constantly reading reviews of products online. If I am going to buy something online vs. in the store, I always want to know others experiences with that product before i take the chance of buying it without seeing it in person. I have aslo seen customers make suggestions to companies on how to improve products. This is a huge opportunity for companies to gain feedback from customers, and customers feel safe making these suggestions because they can do it behind a computer rather than in person. Overall, I think social media has made shopping online easy and very effective!

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