Boomers VS Gen Y

When interviewing my uncle (young boomer), I noticed there are many reasons that he and I share when using social media and there a few differences. First, he is not continually on social media. I am! I am checking Facebook, searching pinterest ideas or emailing! He will use email about one a day and log on to his Facebook when someone tells him about a recent pic of the family. I had to explain pinterest to him! I tend to use social media for invitations, checking in at venues and meeting up with friends. I showed my uncle how to create and accept an invitation online! He knew about checking into your location, but will not take advantage of the option. However, we both joined Facebook to stay connected with friends and family…I am just logged on more frequently 🙂 He is usually up to date with family information, but he finds info out after most of the family, since we frequent Facebook. He enjoys social media and the opportunities that it provides, he just limits are activity. He was unaware of LinkedIn, so he and I created a profile so he could network for his job.

My uncle uses social media to search and watch videos. This is a similarity we share, but I do not usually watch videos in search for entertainment, along with online games, he does.  I will watch videos for research and sometimes for entertainment. We both shop online! He for hunting equipment, me, for clothes! We both bank and pay bills online, which he said has made his life easier! : )

I think the challenges are the lack of education.  I feel that education for all generations is crucial to successful communication with social media. Education is important, to the individual who WANT to learn. However, the oldest users are less likely to use the tools on a regular basis or learn what social media is at all. This will challenge us to rethink how we use the web and how to engage older people with newer technologies.

“If it’s good technology, seniors embrace it the same as everyone else,” he said. “The key here is if it is truly ‘good’ and they see a real use for it, whether for entertainment or business or lifestyle. They are smart shoppers who aren’t so much interested in [the] useless ‘bells and whistles’ many products contain.” Elie Gindi

I feel younger generations have the advantage when using social media because they are exposed to it at an early age than young boomers. Providing videos or making software or SM programs more intuitive. Instead of becoming frustrated, thy could continue with their task.


2 responses to “Multi-Generation

  1. Hey Ms. B-Hill,

    I also interviewed someone on the tail end of the baby boomer generation, so it’s interesting to see the quote, “If it’s good technology, seniors embrace it the same as everyone else.” It is very much in line with the perspective of my interviewee. Social media can be embraced by any generation as long as they see value in it.

  2. Nice post! I agree that it is very to see how different generations use social media in the same ways. It’s all about communication! As long as different generations are educated on how to use SM and they understand the benefits, SM will be sustainable. It seems that as long as people are able to communicate to the those that are important to themen and access things they are interested in, it’s a win-win.

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