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Green Wiki

“Green wiki is a contemporary/modern and accepting of anything recent green wiki based on pro-environment (Green) and animal sciences, technologies, people available and business and financial/economical ways to adjust you and your life (lives) to a greener, healthier sustainable/long-term future, for yourself and your offspring (generations onwards).”Green wiki is a site to educate users on sustainability and is very user friendly. The site provides sustainable catagories easy to navigate and edit if one feels the need. The site seems to be successful with the activity and posts that are added to it. I feel the point is clear and provides individuals with exaples of sustainablilty and all that it can encompass.

Green Wiki is created to share growing knowledge about environmental subjects, topics and issues/problems with people who want to learn/educate and/or inform themselves and live in a more environmental friendly and pro-future sustainable way.


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