Online/Offline Media


Sea World create campaign whose mission was to build relationships with coaster communities, build awareness of the attractions and increase traffic to the park. Their marketing consisted of online and offline strategies. Offline consisted of TV commercials, work of mouth and advertisement on beverage products.
Their results showed TV commercial produced right under 40% of visitors. Though the percent of commercial advertisement and online marketing were fairly close, the price was to produce the two was quite different. “Overall, the cost per impression for the social media campaign was $0.22 versus
$1.00 for television.” Connecting with coaster bloggers was one of Sea Worlds first attempt to promote online. The attempt proved to be successful, with the positive comments the bloggers would post about Sea World. I feel the companies social media was successful. The videos and photos were a great addition. I believe adding the photos and videos increased the target audience, allowing young views to connect to the coasters also. Blogging attracts diverse audiences, so connecting with bloggers and blog site, proved successful for their social media.


Sea World San Antonio’s choince to identify social media to specific target audiance was a smart decision. Each attempt with their online and offline marketing plan, showed success for the advertisment of Alantis San Antonio.


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