LinkedIn Personal Perspective

I am an active user with LinkedIn.  I am a group member of Sustainability Professionals, The Business of Fitness and Wines & Spirits. I enjoy reading the updates for the group but rarely participate. I have used LinkedIn to stay connected with coworkers, search for employment, seek professional advice and market myself. I was uncertain before I signed up, which was over a year ago, but I defiantly see the benefits of this social media website. I have suggested the site to friends and assisted them when setting up their profile. The benefits include a wide range of job opportunities and were to professionally network. LinkedIn also allows users to keep in touch with friends, coworkers or former colleagues. Linked In also allows you to an advanced search for people, places, jobs, companies, groups and more. You can narrow your search to something specific if you choose. One downside I see with LinkedIn is the upgrade option. There are certain restrictions users’ encounters, unless they want to pay a fee to upgrade. There have been times I wish I could send a message to another member, but was stopped due to the level of my membership. Another con for the site is the abundance of candidates and skill level. You may appear in a search by a recruiter or company, but you may be in the search with hundreds just like you, which may limit the connections you receive from recruiters.


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